Martial arts - WCS

Seminars and private lessons

Learn about WCS method to improve your capacities in any martial arts. Thomas has been working with Dk Yoo since 2015 and represents WCS for France. He also wrote a book about WCS and certifies new instructors in the method.

  • Get freedom of movement
  • Improvise and adapt your martial art to your style
  • Improve balance, explosiveness and rooting
  • Trust your martial arts skill
  • Become a WCS instructor and be part of an innovative group for a better future for martial arts.
In Compiègne and around, France
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Symbolic medecine, Coaching 

Find the most natural way to solve your physical, mental and spiritual blockages.


  • Find sense on the blockages you faces
  • Exit the victim posture
  • Find real actions to face a problem


Sur Compiègne, Lille, Paris