Personal Development

Relaxing during WCS seminar in New York

Breathing and relaxation

  • Relaxation exercise through the body (not the mind)
  • Know when you are relaxed or tense
  • Breathing exercises
Rooting Exercise


  • Keep your feet on the ground every day, anytime
  • Calm your overactive mind
  • Use the ground effectively in your sport or martial art.
  • Learn rooting through the body, without the use of imagination. 
  • Trained with DK Chamjang Gong posture
Meditation in WCS Seminar in Milan


  • Stay focused on your path
  • Master your mind
  • Open up to greater than oneself

"Well being at work" Coaching

  • Fast and efficient course
  • Practice relaxation, breathing
  • Improve your posture
  • Ease tensions in the workplace
  • Non-sports classes, no sweat
  • Required: Quiet space