What is WCS?

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What is WCS?

  • WCS: “Warfare Combat System”
  • It is a method, complementary to traditional martial arts
  • Created by DK Yoo

The fundamentals of the method do not involve combat, accessible to all

The fundamentals are relaxation, meditation, rooting, mobility taught in a simple and demonstrable way! Their application in combat and self-defense is a possible outcome. It is possible to use the fundamentals for personal evolution or well-being.

But a very concrete usefulness

Many fighters were able to see benefits in speed, fluidity, stability, power and were able to improve quickly. At a more advanced level, WCS is effective in for self defense, sparring, etc. It is therefore possible to use the WCS to obtain a solid foundation in more combatives martial arts.

Simplified and customized approach to martial arts

We use the knowledge of martial arts to work on the practionner and his “problems”. If a fighter comes to work on his speed or power, we apply relaxation or rooting exercises for example. If someone comes to us to learn how to manage stress, we can use the same fundamentals.

Between martial and personal development

Martial art was a mass method, the same for everyone. In WCS, we work with each person, so that they can develop their potential.

Puts the practitioner in autonomy very quickly

The exercises are easy to do. When he finishes his class the practitioner has all the exercises necessary for his evolution and can put them into action instantly in his daily life.

Bridges the gap between everyday life and
the usefulness of martial knowledge

Gaining relaxation, for example, can not be worked only in training, but in everyday life. It works with all the fundamentals of WCS.

Fast, simple and healthy evolution
for the mental, physical and emotional