Who is Thomas ?

I was known for bringing Dk Yoo’s modern martial arts method (WCS) in France in 2015. Since then I followed him around the world in sharing his method and started teaching. Martial arts coachings transformed more and more into life coachings, pushing me to research personal development methods.
I still use martial arts, personal development, and symbolism in a simple and fluid and easy to understand so that these life secrets can be used by the greater number of people.

Marrying life and martial arts

Since 2015, I have been traveling around the world to teach martial arts with Dk Yoo, Korean martial arts star. I participated in the structure of his method, WCS, and now share it in France in classes, seminars and through wcsfrance.com.

In 5 years of training and seminars, I was able to meet hundreds of martial artists and discuss what blocks them in their evolution quest. They often explain to me that they “force” to try to achieve their goal, complicate their training, train longer and longer, exhaust themselves, deprive themselves, often with few results and frustration.

As if, in order to evolve, their martial life had to nibble more and more space on their “normal” life.

But what if this separation between life and martial arts was actually the problem? What if instead of complicating to the point of having 2 different lives, my martial life and my normal life, I began to purify my martial art so that it could easily mingle with my life? I could bring my art into my life, my life into my art, and continue my evolution.

It is that I discovered with the WCS, and the basis of my work, which I propose you to discover here.

Today I am a personal development assistant and practitioner in symbolic medicine in Compiègne, France, where I help any public to know and reveal themselves mentally, physically and emotionally with the help of martial arts knowledge.

Before 2015

  • Kungfu Wushu black belt and training in Sanshou, Kali, traditional Chinese martial arts.
  • Several trips to China


  • Stay in Hong Kong (2 months) Training in Wing Chun and Systema
  • Travel to South Korea to learn WCS with Dk Yoo
  • First DK Yoo seminar in South Korea (Participant)


  • First Dk Yoo Public seminar in Compiègne (Organizer)
  • First WCS Presentation Course (Instructor)


  • WCS Seminar in Dijon (Participant and Instructor)
  • WCS Seminar in Romania (Participant and Instructor)
  • Training in South Korea with Dk Yoo
  • WCS workshop in Dijon (Instructor) and beginning of the WCS France collective


  • WCS Seminar in New York (Instructor)
  • French translation and layout of DK Chamjang Gong Training Method book
  • WCS Seminar in Belgium (Instructor)
  • WCS Seminar in Germany (Instructor)
  • Creation of WCS France, First official classes in France
  • Training in South Korea with the WCS France team
  • WCS Seminar in South Korea (Participant and Instructor)
  • WCS Seminar in Dijon (Instructor)
  • French translation and layout of DK Consciousness Book


  • WCS Seminar in the Netherlands (Instructor)
  • WCS Seminar in Paris (Organizer and Instructor)
  • Participation in the 34th Martial Arts Festival in Paris Bercy
  • WCS Coaching USA with Michael Lorenzen (Pro Player Cincinatti Reds)
  • WCS Seminar in Italy (Instructor)
  • European WCS seminar Tour with Dk Yoo in Madrid, Rome, Paris, Eindhoven, Lausanne (Instructor, Coordinator, Organizer)
  • WCS Seminar and  WCS Private Lessons in the United States in New York and Los Angeles (Instructor and Coordinator)
  • Travel and Training in India with the WCS France team (Meditation and Spirituality)
  • Writing and layout of the WCS Training handbook


  • Training in Symbolic Medicine
  • WCS Instructor Training
  • Berlin WCS seminar (instructor)
  • Seoul – live commentor for Fite Tv (DK Yoo versus Bradley Scott)


  • Lille seminar (fear and trust issues workshop)