What is symbolic medicine?

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Life and its symbols

Sometimes in life, certain symbolic events happen several times, as if they were trying to get a message across to us over and over again, until we understand it. 
We are creators of our realities but, in these moments, we can feel stuck and helpless in front of what is happening to us. As if we could not make sense of the proposal that life is making us. The approach of symbolic medicine allows us to make sense of what is blocking us in life, to become aware of the proposal and to put it into action.

The use of sticks

I use angled, copper, bio-sensitive chopsticks, similar to those of dowsers or geobiologists. These sticks will “connect” to the soul, and guide us to different symbols, dates, or others. Together we will discover why these symbols appear, and the awareness they offer us. These sticks make it possible to understand the energetic messages of the invisible.

Harmonization Inhabitant/Habitat

Harmonization a protocol that lasts between 2 and 3 hours where we will make sense of your problems and / or those of the habitat. The inhabitant is a mirror of the habitat. The problems encountered by the inhabitant will certainly be found in the habitat and vice versa. Everything is done by following the symbols proposed by the sticks and by putting sense on it. The inhabitant of the place puts meaning on the symbol, and thus progresses by himself towards its awareness and resolution of the problem.

Walk at sacred places

It is also possible to approach sacred places with sticks. These sacred (and not necessarily religious) places make it possible to work on certain energies and certain particular themes when we approach them in consciousness (for example self-expression, male-female duality, etc.).